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Bike Stand | Bicycle Kickstand | suitable for 24" - 29" MTB

Bike Stand | Bicycle Kickstand | suitable for 24" - 29" MTB

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Introducing our Bike Stand - a sturdy and adjustable kickstand designed for 24"-29" wheel diameter mountain bikes.Β 

Versatile Adjustability: This Bike Stand is ingeniously designed with adjustable length, catering to 24" to 29" wheel diameter mountain bikes. Whether you're riding a 24", 26", "27.5" or 29" wheel bike, this kickstand will accommodate your specific needs perfectly.

Superior Stability: With a robust construction and a wide base, our Aluminum Parking Stand guarantees exceptional stability when parked. Say goodbye to leaning your bike against walls or trees, as this kickstand will securely hold your bicycle upright, preventing accidental tip-overs and potential damages.

Lightweight and Durable: Constructed from high-quality aluminum, this Bike Stand strikes a perfect balance between lightweight design and remarkable durability. It adds minimal weight to your bike, ensuring a seamless riding experience while withstanding the rigors of various weather conditions and terrains.

Enhanced Safety: Parking your bike securely with our Bike Stand prevents it from accidentally falling and reduces the risk of scratches or dents, keeping your bike in prime condition for a longer time.