How do we ensure the quality of bicycles?

At our company, we take pride in offering high-quality mountain bikes that are designed for performance, reliability, and durability. Our bikes are constructed with 6061 aluminum alloy frames, which are well-known for their strength and lightweight properties. We use only the best materials and parts to ensure that our bikes meet the highest standards of quality and can withstand the toughest conditions.


All of our mountain bikes feature aluminum alloy as the main metal, which provides the strength and lightness necessary for a smooth and comfortable ride. We are committed to using reputable and well-known parts manufacturers, including the braking system. Our entry-level mountain bike lineup features Shimano derailleurs, which include Shimano Cassette products, Shimano Crankset, and Shimano Derailleur Front and Rear. These trusted parts ensure a smooth and reliable ride for our customers.


We take great care in selecting the front fork for our mountain bikes, choosing a Suspension Fork from either SR SUNTOUR or ZOOM depending on the intended performance. We offer TEKTRO and Shimano products for our braking system, including disc mechanical brakes, disc hydraulic brakes, or V brakes. These top-of-the-line brands provide reliable and responsive braking systems to ensure the safety of our riders.


In addition to these trusted brands, we work with other reputable parts manufacturers such as WTB, KENDA, CST, KMC, VP COMPONENTS, Prowheel, KT, NECO, and VELO to provide a comprehensive range of options for our customers. We believe that providing a wide range of choices for our customers is an essential aspect of delivering high-quality products that meet their individual needs.


We believe in transparency when it comes to the quality and specifications of our bikes. We provide clear and detailed information about the configuration details of our bikes, so our customers can make informed decisions about their purchase. We are confident that our bikes are of the highest quality, and we stand behind them with pride.


Thank you for considering our bikes for your next adventure. We are committed to providing you with a reliable and enjoyable biking experience that reflects our commitment to quality.